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up Parent Directory 15-Jun-2021 06:01 - [SND] k.mp4 19-Apr-2018 12:48 800k unknown CCS C Compilers[] V5.051.rar 20-Apr-2018 07:21 65480k unknown IPC-A-610D_-_Acceptability_of_Electronic_Assemblies_-Proposed.pdf 20-Apr-2018 07:42 6740k unknown code_GPIO.rar 22-Apr-2018 08:48 3800k unknown external enterrupt.rar 22-Apr-2018 08:50 5780k unknown uart.rar 22-Apr-2018 08:50 4052k unknown timer base interrupt.rar 22-Apr-2018 08:52 4096k unknown counter.rar 22-Apr-2018 08:53 4084k unknown input_capture.rar 22-Apr-2018 08:55 4096k unknown pwm.rar 22-Apr-2018 08:56 4088k unknown Arduino Engineering.pdf 22-Apr-2018 09:28 7176k unknown 1-100TransistorCircuits.pdf 26-Apr-2018 12:34 1796k unknown 101-200TransistorCircuits.pdf 26-Apr-2018 12:34 1180k [IMG] pickit4_2.jpg 28-Apr-2018 08:21 24k [IMG] pcb-footer.png 07-May-2018 10:43 88k unknown AT89C2051-24pu.pdf 07-May-2018 11:55 332k unknown AT89C55WD.pdf 07-May-2018 11:56 280k unknown AT89C52.pdf 07-May-2018 11:56 128k unknown AT89C51 .pdf 07-May-2018 12:02 368k unknown AT89C4051.pdf 07-May-2018 12:03 308k unknown ATMEGA169PV.pdf 07-May-2018 12:05 3480k unknown Atmel-8284-8-bit-AVR-microcontroller-ATmega169A_PA_329A_PA_3290A_PA_649A_P_64... 07-May-2018 12:37 1276k unknown ATmega169A_PA.pdf 07-May-2018 12:38 1276k unknown ATMEGA162.pdf 07-May-2018 12:40 3840k unknown AT90CAN128.pdf 07-May-2018 12:42 5704k unknown ATmega88-ATmega168.pdf 07-May-2018 12:52 3760k unknown ATMEGA649V-8AU.pdf 07-May-2018 12:56 6488k unknown ATmega48-88.pdf 07-May-2018 13:59 3456k unknown ATTINY24-20PU.pdf 07-May-2018 14:03 3392k unknown ATTINY13A-SSU.pdf 07-May-2018 14:17 3416k unknown ATTINY2313A-PU.pdf 07-May-2018 14:19 4756k unknown ATtiny25-ATti-1315542.pdf 07-May-2018 14:27 2584k unknown ATTINY26L-8PU.pdf 07-May-2018 14:28 2168k unknown Atmel-8331-8-and-16-bit-AVR-Microcontroller-XMEGA-AU_Manual.pdf 07-May-2018 14:32 7392k unknown attiny261-461-861.pdf 07-May-2018 14:34 6036k unknown Atmel_32-bit-ARM7TDMI-Flash-Microcontroller_SAM7X512-256-128_Datasheet.pdf 07-May-2018 14:56 2636k unknown AT91SAM7S64C-AU.pdf 07-May-2018 14:59 3996k unknown AT91FR4081.pdf 07-May-2018 15:00 232k unknown LPC2101_02_03-1126373.pdf 07-May-2018 15:04 180k unknown LPC1769_68_67_66_65_64_63.pdf 07-May-2018 15:04 1432k unknown AT91SAM9260-QU.pdf 07-May-2018 15:07 5264k unknown LPC2364_65_66_67_68.pdf 07-May-2018 15:14 400k unknown lpc2378 user manual.pdf 07-May-2018 15:19 3244k unknown user.manual.lpc2364.lpc2366.lpc2368.lpc2378.pdf 07-May-2018 15:21 11228k unknown LPC2361.pdf 07-May-2018 15:24 3244k unknown LPC2138 User Manual.pdf 07-May-2018 15:26 1720k unknown s3c2440.pdf 07-May-2018 15:30 2360k unknown STM32F030F4P6.pdf 07-May-2018 15:31 11140k unknown LPC4088FBD208.pdf 07-May-2018 15:32 4752k unknown LPC2468FBD208.pdf 07-May-2018 15:37 4824k unknown STM32F107xx.pdf 07-May-2018 15:43 2104k unknown STM32F051C8T6.pdf 07-May-2018 16:02 1996k unknown stm32f427vg.pdf 07-May-2018 16:06 3212k unknown PIC12F675.pdf 12-May-2018 14:05 4928k unknown PIC12F1822.pdf 12-May-2018 14:05 4404k unknown pic16f628.pdf 12-May-2018 14:12 1724k unknown PIC10(L)F320_322.pdf 12-May-2018 14:13 1584k unknown PIC16F1937.pdf 12-May-2018 14:16 7216k unknown PIC16F1947.pdf 12-May-2018 14:18 4744k unknown PIC16F1782.pdf 12-May-2018 14:24 4692k unknown pic16f876.pdf 12-May-2018 14:25 3828k unknown PIC16F630.pdf 12-May-2018 14:26 2652k unknown PIC18FXX2.pdf 12-May-2018 14:41 5576k unknown PIC18F14K50.pdf 12-May-2018 14:46 4768k unknown PIC18F44K20.pdf 12-May-2018 15:08 5340k unknown PIC18F8722.pdf 12-May-2018 15:09 7376k unknown PIC18F45K80.pdf 12-May-2018 15:09 6768k unknown PIC18F2550.pdf 12-May-2018 15:10 7128k unknown PIC18F8720.pdf 13-May-2018 04:05 6720k unknown PIC18F66K80.pdf 13-May-2018 04:11 5024k unknown PIC18F46J50.pdf 13-May-2018 04:13 8392k unknown PIC18F97J60.pdf 13-May-2018 04:14 3532k unknown PIC18F4520.pdf 13-May-2018 04:35 7140k unknown XMEGA A MANUAL.pdf 14-May-2018 10:36 8532k unknown ATmega128A.pdf 14-May-2018 12:10 4144k unknown ATtiny861.pdf 14-May-2018 12:37 3084k unknown ATTINY44A-SSU.pdf 14-May-2018 12:46 692k unknown ATtiny45.pdf 14-May-2018 12:51 3760k unknown dsPIC33FJXXXMC.pdf 15-May-2018 16:04 4768k unknown PIC16F877A.pdf 15-May-2018 16:04 3988k unknown dspic30f.pdf 15-May-2018 16:04 5224k unknown PIC24FJ16MC101102 and PIC24FJ32MC101102104.pdf 15-May-2018 16:06 3796k unknown PIC24FJ256DA210.pdf 15-May-2018 16:11 3196k unknown PIC24F32KA301.pdf 15-May-2018 16:20 2580k unknown PIC18(L)F2X4XK22.pdf 15-May-2018 16:33 5704k unknown PIC16F7x.pdf 16-May-2018 03:44 4052k unknown PIC16F87xA.pdf 16-May-2018 03:50 4016k unknown PIC18F87J11.pdf 16-May-2018 04:06 7376k unknown AT91SAM7S Series Preliminary.pdf 22-May-2018 06:15 10720k unknown at91x40.pdf 22-May-2018 07:16 1892k unknown AT91SAM9260.pdf 22-May-2018 07:18 11136k unknown lpc2101_2102_2103.pdf 22-May-2018 07:51 5908k unknown lpc17xx.pdf 22-May-2018 08:08 5060k unknown lpc2364.lpc2366.lpc2368.lpc2378.pdf 22-May-2018 08:25 11228k unknown LPC2361_62.pdf 22-May-2018 08:30 480k unknown STM32F030x4-6-8-C and STM32F070x6-B.pdf 22-May-2018 08:46 11140k unknown STM32F103x.pdf 22-May-2018 08:57 3152k unknown STM32F4.pdf 22-May-2018 09:10 1380k [SND] earth.mp4 23-May-2018 07:15 6628k unknown 74c922.pdf 14-Jun-2018 06:47 220k unknown PCA9555D-Philips.pdf 17-Jun-2018 09:47 184k unknown Tiny210V2-S5PV210.pdf 17-Jun-2018 11:59 1968k unknown MBD-mini2440+7in-LCD-manual.pdf 17-Jun-2018 12:36 5680k unknown Tiny4412_usersmanual.pdf 17-Jun-2018 12:37 14444k unknown A20 User Manual V1.1.pdf 19-Jun-2018 06:46 8324k unknown OrangePi-Zero-Plus2.pdf 19-Jun-2018 06:55 3300k unknown OrangePi-PC2.pdf 19-Jun-2018 06:56 3596k unknown OrangePi-Zero.pdf 19-Jun-2018 06:57 2768k unknown Allwinner_H3_Datasheet.pdf 19-Jun-2018 06:58 7236k unknown BeagleBoneGreen.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:02 2232k unknown Allwinner_H5_Datasheet.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:02 2828k unknown BeagleBoneBlack.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:03 2952k unknown Banana.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:03 3924k unknown Allwinner_H2+.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:07 7112k unknown OrangePi-One-Plus.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:12 1152k unknown OrangePi-i96.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:15 4576k unknown OrangePi-PC-Plus.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:16 3616k unknown Odroid-c2.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:16 6936k unknown OrangePi-R1.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:19 2980k unknown NanoPi-2-Fire.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:20 12900k unknown OrangePi-Win-WinPlus.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:20 3440k unknown OrangePi-Prime.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:21 3452k unknown S905.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:25 6120k unknown Odroid-xu4.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:27 5628k unknown OrangePi-Plus2E.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:27 3400k unknown NanoPi-A64.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:30 7608k unknown S5P4418.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:32 12900k unknown SEC_S5P6818X.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:33 14004k unknown OrangePi-2G-IOT.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:41 7808k unknown BeagleBoneBlack-Industrial.pdf 19-Jun-2018 07:47 27544k unknown AD1674.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:12 256k unknown AD7528.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:12 192k unknown AD7545A.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:13 320k unknown AD7710.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:13 260k unknown AD7705.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:13 392k unknown AD7714.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:13 296k unknown AD7730.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:13 316k unknown ADC0820.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:13 268k unknown ADC0804.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:14 256k unknown AD7829.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:14 520k unknown AD7793.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:14 456k unknown ADE7757.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:14 216k unknown ADE7753.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:14 720k unknown ADV7120.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:15 124k unknown ADC0831.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:15 764k unknown BS813A-1.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:15 584k unknown ADS7843.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:16 652k unknown DAC0808LCN.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:16 84k unknown ADS7816.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:17 952k unknown ADS7846.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:17 1036k unknown DAC7611.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:17 320k unknown Lm331N.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:17 788k unknown DAC0800.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:17 352k unknown BS818-A.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:19 1892k unknown ICL8053ACPD.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:19 940k unknown TDA8714.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:19 160k unknown ICL7107CPLZ.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:20 916k unknown LTC237716.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:20 744k unknown TDA8771A.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:20 124k unknown TLC7135CN.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:20 152k unknown TS08N.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:20 888k unknown UPC661G.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:20 252k unknown THS8134.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:21 348k unknown XR4151.pdf 21-Jun-2018 08:21 632k unknown ad7816_7_8_b.pdf 05-Aug-2018 07:48 204k unknown 16 x 4 Character LCD.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 84k unknown 7seg_1925.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 128k unknown 7seg_1951.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 72k unknown 2X20 Character LCD.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 236k unknown tm12864j_TIANMA.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 72k unknown 4X20 Character LCD.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 288k unknown TOUCH64x128.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 40k unknown ts240128G128B.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 84k unknown LED-BARGRAF.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 356k unknown JHD162A.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 524k unknown 7seg_1913.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 892k unknown 7seg_1937.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 428k unknown ts1620a-17.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 184k unknown WG12864A.pdf 06-Aug-2018 19:57 520k unknown 4N33.pdf 07-Aug-2018 12:22 48k unknown 4N25.pdf 07-Aug-2018 12:22 152k unknown il256at.pdf 07-Aug-2018 12:22 116k unknown 4N28.pdf 07-Aug-2018 12:22 760k unknown ON3181.pdf 07-Aug-2018 12:22 100k unknown TLP621.pdf 07-Aug-2018 12:22 208k unknown ON3401.pdf 07-Aug-2018 12:22 348k unknown ON3131.pdf 07-Aug-2018 12:22 556k unknown TLP521.pdf 07-Aug-2018 12:22 76k unknown PC817.pdf 07-Aug-2018 12:22 544k unknown 4n35.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 132k unknown 6N136SD.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 604k unknown 6N137.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 324k unknown 6n136.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 324k unknown EL6N137.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 452k unknown ACPL336J.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 720k unknown H11L1.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 344k unknown HCPL-2531.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 584k unknown HCPL-316J.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 616k unknown HCPL-7840.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 148k unknown HCPL-3120-000E.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 1568k unknown 6N137SD.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 604k unknown MOC3021.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 156k unknown LTVMOC3063.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 288k unknown MOC3021Z.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 180k unknown HCPL4503M.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 648k unknown HCPL-3120.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 1584k unknown MOC3063..pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 288k unknown PS2006B.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 92k unknown HCPL-4503-000E.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 332k unknown HCPL2631.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 1256k unknown TLP250.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 300k unknown TLP541G.pdf 11-Aug-2018 06:52 548k unknown MOC3041.pdf 11-Aug-2018 07:29 324k unknown EL4N35.pdf 11-Aug-2018 07:41 132k unknown TLP350.pdf 11-Aug-2018 10:01 728k unknown LTV-4N28.pdf 11-Aug-2018 11:09 760k unknown Star_Micronics-TMB05.pdf 13-Aug-2018 10:25 3132k unknown TS4020_ASI.pdf 14-Aug-2018 07:07 792k unknown ST-LINKV2Brief.pdf 15-Aug-2018 05:53 204k unknown nt90.pdf 21-Aug-2018 09:21 568k unknown G2R-1E-12V-1C-16A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 07:59 1568k unknown G2R-1-24V-1C-10A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 07:59 3036k unknown G2R-1E-24V-1C-16A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 07:59 1568k unknown G2R-2-24V-2C-5A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 07:59 1376k unknown G2R-2-220V-2C-5A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 07:59 3036k unknown G5Q-12VDC-1C-10A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 07:59 584k unknown G6RN-12VDC-1C-12A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 07:59 676k unknown G5LE-5VDC-1C-10A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 07:59 856k unknown G2R-1-12V-1C-10A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 07:59 780k unknown G2R-2-5V-2C-5A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 07:59 780k unknown G2RL-1-24V-1C-12A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 1284k unknown G2RL-1E-12V-1C-16A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 1284k unknown G2RL-1-12V-1C-12A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 944k unknown G2RL-2-24V-2C-8A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 180k unknown G3MC-202PL-24V-2A-SSR.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 440k unknown G3MC-202PL-12V-2A-SSR.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 440k unknown G2RL-2-12V-2C-8A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 1284k unknown G5LE-12VDC-1C-10A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 856k unknown G5NB-24V-1B-3A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 716k unknown G5Q-24VDC-1C-10A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 584k unknown G5Q-5VDC-1C-10A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 584k unknown G5NB-12V-1B-3A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 716k unknown G5LE-24VDC-1C-10A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 856k unknown G2R-1E-48V-1C-16A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 1568k unknown G6D-12VDC-1B-1A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 280k unknown G5V1-5V-1C-1A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 876k unknown G5V1-12V-1C-1A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 876k unknown G6D-24VDC-1B-1A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 280k unknown G2R-2-12V-2C-5A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:00 1376k unknown G6RN-24VDC-1C-12A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 676k unknown G6S-2-12VDC.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 1820k unknown G6S-2-24VDC.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 1820k unknown G6RN-5VDC-1C-12A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 676k unknown G5V1-24V-1C-1A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 308k unknown G6S-2F-12VDC-2C-2A-SMD.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 1820k unknown G6S-2F-5VDC-2C-2A-SMD.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 1820k unknown G6S-2-4.5VDC.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 1820k unknown رله پکیجی 24 ولت پاناسونیک - ALDP-124w.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 976k unknown G6S-2F-24VDC-2C-2A-SMD.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 1820k unknown رله پکیجی 5 ولت پاناسونیک - ALDP-105w.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 976k unknown G2R-2-110V-2C-5A.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 3036k unknown رله پکیجی 12 ولت پاناسونیک - ALDP-112w.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 976k unknown G6S-2-5VDC.pdf 26-Aug-2018 08:01 1820k unknown رله G6M-1B-5A-24V -SSR.pdf 29-Aug-2018 06:07 364k unknown BUV98AV.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 108k unknown DSEI 2x101-600v.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 84k unknown BYT230PIV-1000.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 200k unknown DSEI 2x121-200v.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 64k unknown BUV298AV.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 412k unknown DSEI2x101-1200v.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 64k unknown DSEI-2x30-1000v.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 104k unknown DSEI 2x61.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 100k unknown DSEP-2x25-12C.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 24k unknown DSEI-2x61-02A.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 216k unknown DSEP-2x31-1200v.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 212k unknown DSEP2x60-12A.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 40k unknown DSEP2x31-06A.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 92k unknown DSI-2x55.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 224k unknown DSS-2x101-02A.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 68k unknown DSS-2x160-01A.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 52k unknown DSEP2x61-06A.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 464k unknown DSS-2x200-0008D.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 164k unknown DSEP-2x61-06A.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 464k unknown DSS-2x41-01A.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 48k unknown DSS-2X61-0045A.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 40k unknown ESM3045DV.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 120k unknown IXDN-75N120.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 76k unknown IXDN-55N120-D1.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 80k unknown DSEP 2x61-600V.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 212k unknown DSS-2X61-01A.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 52k unknown IXKN75N60C.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 92k unknown IXLN-35N120AU1.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 28k unknown MCD40.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 40k unknown MCO-150.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 168k unknown mmo74.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 232k unknown MCO100.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 52k unknown mmo90.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 232k unknown STE180NE10.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 92k unknown IXFN-44N50Q_48N50Q.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 568k unknown STE36N50.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 256k unknown STPS16045TV.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 124k unknown STE53NA50.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 96k unknown ESM6045AV.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 360k unknown IXTN36N50.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:01 500k unknown G2RL-1E-24V-1C-16A.pdf 29-Aug-2018 07:38 1284k unknown AD620.pdf 04-Sep-2018 05:28 440k unknown AD8572ARZ.pdf 04-Sep-2018 05:28 380k unknown OP177GP.pdf 04-Sep-2018 05:28 328k unknown AD8629ARZ.pdf 04-Sep-2018 05:28 420k unknown OP37GP.pdf 04-Sep-2018 05:28 392k unknown OP27GP.pdf 04-Sep-2018 05:28 372k unknown OP2177ARZ.pdf 04-Sep-2018 05:28 476k unknown TLC272CD.pdf 04-Sep-2018 05:28 584k unknown TSV992ID.pdf 04-Sep-2018 05:52 504k unknown LF351.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:35 44k unknown HT9274.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:35 104k unknown LA6500.PDF 04-Sep-2018 08:35 72k unknown AD822.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:35 520k unknown lm148,lm248,lm348.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 872k unknown lm1458.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 840k unknown LF353.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 1016k unknown LF411.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 1076k unknown LF347M.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 1724k unknown LF155_LF156_LF256_LF257_LF355_LF356_LF357.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 2368k unknown LM3303,LM3403.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 156k unknown OP490.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 220k unknown TL071CP.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 280k unknown NJM4741D.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 384k unknown SN75238N.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 44k unknown LM158-N, LM258-N, LM2904-N, LM358-N.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 1908k unknown SN75325N.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 336k unknown SN76604N.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 520k unknown LM833N.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 1888k unknown SN75234N.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 776k unknown TL084CD.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 116k unknown lm224.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 1780k unknown TL072CD.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 300k unknown TS27M2ACN.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 188k unknown UPC151A.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 116k unknown TL084CN.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 116k unknown UPC4557C.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 112k unknown UPC1373HA.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:36 316k unknown TL061CP.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:37 1156k unknown SN75324N.pdf 04-Sep-2018 08:37 2464k unknown L297.pdf 17-Sep-2018 08:12 92k unknown Atmega8 & atmega8L.pdf 17-Sep-2018 08:12 284k unknown MT8816AE.pdf 17-Sep-2018 08:12 60k unknown XCF02SVO20C.pdf 17-Sep-2018 08:12 520k unknown atmel-8159-8-bit-avr-microcontroller-atmega8a_summ-461490.pdf 17-Sep-2018 08:12 376k unknown TMS320VC5409PGE100.pdf 17-Sep-2018 08:12 904k unknown ENC28J60-ISO.pdf 17-Sep-2018 08:12 892k unknown TMS320F2812PGFA.pdf 17-Sep-2018 08:12 1708k unknown PIC16F84ASO , PIC16F84AIP , PIC16F84A-04P.pdf 17-Sep-2018 08:12 2020k unknown BT136-600D.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:55 192k unknown BT131-600.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:55 184k unknown BT137-600.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:55 196k unknown BTA212-600D.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:55 208k unknown bta225-600.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:55 68k unknown BT138B-SMD.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:55 208k unknown BTA06-600BRG.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:55 76k unknown BT138-600E.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:55 188k unknown BTA12-600TW.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:55 104k unknown BT139-600.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:55 632k unknown BTA12-700.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 244k unknown BTA208-600B.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 24k unknown BTA12-600BW.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 244k unknown BTA16-600B.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 72k unknown BTA16-800CW.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 280k unknown BTA16-700B.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 228k unknown BTA208-800B.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 24k unknown BTA25-600.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 140k unknown bta25-600B.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 132k unknown BTA208X-1000B.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 200k unknown BTA40-700B.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 108k unknown BTB08-600BW.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 300k unknown BTA41-600B.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 88k unknown BTB24-600VB.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 132k unknown BTB41-600B.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 68k unknown MAC223-6.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 176k unknown TIC253D.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 104k unknown BTA41-800B.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 396k unknown TIP53D.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 128k unknown z0607.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 60k unknown MAC97A8.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 220k unknown TMG1C60.pdf 24-Sep-2018 05:56 472k unknown PCB Logo Creator.rar 25-Sep-2018 13:36 108k unknown cap-electrolytic.pdf 02-Oct-2018 10:35 64k unknown EVND.pdf 02-Oct-2018 10:35 148k unknown potentiometer.pdf 02-Oct-2018 10:35 468k unknown trimmer-67.pdf 02-Oct-2018 11:22 540k unknown 2N3653.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 72k unknown CS23-12io2.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 60k unknown 2N3872.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 280k unknown 2N6507.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 56k unknown CS20-22MOF1.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 88k unknown 5STP 04D5200.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 164k unknown CS35-12io4.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 52k unknown CS30-16Io1.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 396k unknown CS8-12IO2.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 156k unknown S6220M.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 448k unknown BTY79-600R.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 364k unknown CS20-16IO1.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 388k unknown CS45-16IO1.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 400k unknown 5STP03X6500.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 204k unknown SF25G13.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:19 168k unknown SF10G13.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 60k unknown SKT 10-12 E.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 400k unknown MCO150-16IO1.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 720k unknown SKT 160-12E.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 588k unknown SKT 50-12 E.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 524k unknown SKT 240-12 E.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 1344k unknown SKT 55-12 E.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 528k unknown SKT 160-08C.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 588k unknown SKT 300-12 E.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 588k unknown SKT 130-12 E.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 592k unknown ST700C18LO.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 100k unknown SKT100-16 E.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 540k unknown SKT 760-12E.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 764k unknown T50RIA120S90.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 244k unknown SKT 100-12 E.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 540k unknown SKT130-12C.pdf 18-Oct-2018 09:20 592k unknown TB253-1000-14.pdf 22-Oct-2018 11:06 1016k unknown RadioLink- M8N GPS SE100.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:24 328k unknown Radio Link - Gy-100s.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:24 3104k unknown Skyline 32 - AcroV2.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:24 748k unknown Skyline 32-Mini Advanced.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:25 748k unknown Skyline 32- Mini V2.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:25 748k unknown EMAX- Femto - F3.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:25 704k unknown PIXHAWK - Radio Link - GPS.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:25 984k unknown Skyline32-AdvancedV2.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:25 748k unknown QQ Super.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:25 752k unknown DYS - F4-PRO.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:25 11916k unknown Apm mini 3.1.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:28 1324k unknown Ardupilot apm 2.8.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:28 2924k unknown DYS - CC3D 1.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:28 1084k unknown EMAX- F4 Magnum V2 Tower System.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:28 1296k unknown DJI - NAZA M lite.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:28 2028k unknown DJI - NAZA v2.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:28 1784k unknown SIOV-S14K60.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:17 144k unknown ERZV14D121.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:17 648k unknown TNR15G221K.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:17 208k unknown ZOV-14D.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:17 332k unknown ZOV-07D.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:17 556k unknown ZOV-10D.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:17 556k unknown BK-180K33.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:17 584k unknown ZOV-20D.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:17 592k unknown MCP602.pdf 23-Dec-2018 09:29 232k unknown PCR406.pdf 24-Dec-2018 07:50 168k unknown STM32F407VGT6.pdf 29-Dec-2018 12:23 2224k unknown uc2842b.pdf 01-Jan-2019 11:11 244k unknown VC-88C.pdf 05-Jan-2019 07:26 180k unknown ATMEGA16.pdf 05-Jan-2019 10:36 2880k unknown ATMEGA32.pdf 05-Jan-2019 10:36 3976k unknown Imaxb3.pdf 06-Jan-2019 16:55 252k unknown iMAXB6ACmanual.pdf 07-Jan-2019 06:35 4128k unknown iMAXB6AC-v2.pdf 07-Jan-2019 07:10 2008k unknown SC-608_en.pdf 07-Jan-2019 07:43 340k unknown SC-620.pdf 07-Jan-2019 08:40 300k unknown ISDT Q6 Plus 300w.pdf 07-Jan-2019 09:17 504k unknown stgw20nc60vd.pdf 13-Jan-2019 11:16 340k unknown xh-w3001.pdf 27-Jan-2019 06:06 60k unknown TLP598.pdf 20-Feb-2019 06:47 184k unknown LM35.pdf 21-Feb-2019 08:08 1140k unknown PICkit3.pdf 21-Feb-2019 08:08 1268k unknown KLS1-SIM-076-6P-H1.35-R--.pdf 06-Mar-2019 07:30 96k unknown KLS1-SIM-066-(6+1)P-H1.37-R--.pdf 06-Mar-2019 07:30 108k unknown ABg184N-C.pdf 19-Apr-2019 08:02 1764k unknown ttc-5023.pdf 19-Apr-2019 08:04 268k unknown NanoPi NEO Plus2 datasheet.pdf 19-Apr-2019 08:10 1456k unknown ARDUINO DUE R3.pdf 23-Apr-2019 11:59 156k unknown Nano V3.0 Prototype Shield.pdf 23-Apr-2019 11:59 88k unknown 2560.pdf 23-Apr-2019 11:59 168k unknown Arduino Mega 2560 .pdf 23-Apr-2019 11:59 2524k unknown adafruit-proto-shield-arduino_2.pdf 23-Apr-2019 11:59 4096k unknown Inductor B.pdf 01-May-2019 08:15 40k unknown Ferrite 11.pdf 04-May-2019 11:07 80k unknown Ferrite 16.pdf 04-May-2019 11:07 44k unknown Ferrite 13.pdf 04-May-2019 11:07 80k unknown Ferrite 15.pdf 04-May-2019 11:07 352k unknown Toroid self 7.pdf 04-May-2019 11:07 92k unknown Toroid self 8.pdf 04-May-2019 11:07 104k unknown Toroid self 6.pdf 04-May-2019 11:07 312k unknown Toroid self 9.pdf 04-May-2019 11:07 312k unknown Ferrite 12.pdf 04-May-2019 11:07 132k unknown Toroid self 10.pdf 04-May-2019 11:07 1416k unknown Toroid self 1-5.pdf 04-May-2019 11:07 352k unknown Electrolytic capacitor.pdf 07-May-2019 09:29 536k unknown W1209.pdf 08-May-2019 06:00 236k unknown e-pw.pdf 09-May-2019 07:42 1696k unknown CM6802.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:24 340k unknown 20N50.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:24 316k unknown GBU15005~GBU1510.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:24 244k unknown GBU1510.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:24 152k unknown IR4427.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:24 224k unknown LM75A.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:24 148k unknown GBU2510.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 264k unknown EM8564A.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 316k unknown NCEP40T15G.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 384k unknown NTC-10D-20.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 596k unknown MX30LF2G18AC, 3V, 2Gb, v1.4.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 1060k unknown NCE65TF130F.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 620k unknown EL1019.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 1344k unknown MDU04N010VRH.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 1132k unknown kia7815.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 1156k unknown PMC4996X.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 868k unknown osg55r190F.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 4576k unknown SG40N01Q.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 148k unknown SN74LVC1T45DBVR.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 468k unknown TC58NVG1S3HTA00.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 68k unknown TPHR8504PL.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:25 464k unknown TLP5772.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:26 1136k unknown PIC16F1704.pdf 02-Nov-2019 18:26 5800k unknown bav70 smd code a4.pdf 27-Nov-2019 14:57 44k unknown bcx56-smd code BL.pdf 27-Nov-2019 14:57 52k unknown smd code a2.pdf 27-Nov-2019 14:57 104k unknown BZT52 series.pdf 27-Nov-2019 14:57 132k unknown gbj3510.pdf 27-Nov-2019 14:57 80k unknown SRC60R090B Datasheet V1.0.pdf 27-Nov-2019 14:57 644k unknown bcx53-16.pdf 27-Nov-2019 14:57 588k unknown GBJ2510.pdf 27-Nov-2019 14:57 980k unknown NTC-Thermistor.pdf 27-Nov-2019 14:57 596k unknown 5C628NL.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 88k unknown 20N03.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 292k unknown 5C430L.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 128k unknown G47N60E.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 188k unknown FGH40N60.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 292k unknown gp47s60.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 372k unknown fgh60n60.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 400k unknown G60N100.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 432k unknown FDA28N50F.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 544k unknown irf1407.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 136k unknown IRF840.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 152k unknown irfz24ns.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 168k unknown FHF20N60.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 704k unknown IRFZ44N.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 228k unknown GR8313.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 732k unknown irfz44ns.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 156k unknown IXFH46N65X2.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 328k unknown IPA60R060P7.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 1216k unknown OSG55R099HZ.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 892k unknown PHD45N03LTA.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 280k unknown NCE65TF068T.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 404k unknown PMC4998X.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:23 868k unknown SRC60R140B.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:24 508k unknown SVF20N50F.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:24 284k unknown JCSN65B.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:24 648k unknown SVF20N60F.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:24 248k unknown QN3109.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:24 260k unknown TK39N60W5.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:24 248k unknown STL160NS3LLH7.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:24 1024k unknown TPWR7904PB.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:24 672k unknown T65R195.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:24 1208k unknown SL 7n65f.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:24 2852k unknown IRF1404.pdf 17-Feb-2020 13:24 2996k unknown CDSOT23-SM712.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:17 164k unknown CSD10060.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:17 208k unknown CM6800.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:17 340k unknown MSP10065V1.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:17 244k unknown BYC15X-600PQ.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 456k unknown CM6901T6.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 580k unknown NCP1397A.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 752k unknown NCP1399.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 696k unknown NCP1399AA.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 672k unknown SMD Code B4.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 128k unknown FAN3224.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 1364k unknown SMD CODE SM712.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 164k unknown NCP1399AF.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 680k unknown SMD CODE Y2.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 72k unknown SP8M3.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 116k unknown stpsc10h065d.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 124k unknown FAN7688.pdf 18-Feb-2020 16:18 1752k unknown IRFB4110.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 140k unknown FGH60N60 SMD.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 400k unknown GP28S50X.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 504k unknown IPW65R041CFD 65F6041.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 644k unknown JCS12N65FT.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 1148k unknown JCS7N65FB.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 648k unknown NCE65TF099T.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 468k unknown 18N50.PDF 15-Jun-2021 05:50 1700k unknown LSB65R041GF.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 916k unknown LSB65R041GT.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 808k unknown OSG60R070HF.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 400k unknown OSG60R092HF.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 392k unknown PTA20N50A.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 404k unknown PTP02N04N.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 460k unknown OSG65R099HZF.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 1056k unknown SRC60R078B.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 1040k unknown SRC60R090B.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 1008k unknown SiHG33N60E.pdf 15-Jun-2021 05:50 200k unknown 2SC2363.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 36k unknown A4.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 44k unknown 2F.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 224k unknown 15VZ SOD.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 392k unknown A6.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 56k unknown 1P.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 292k unknown BA159.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 76k unknown BL.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 52k unknown 702.PDF 15-Jun-2021 06:00 632k unknown BYC20X-600P.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 188k unknown D882(SOT-89).pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 540k unknown AL.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 588k unknown BYC15X-600P.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 448k unknown GBJ1508.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 52k unknown GBU1508.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 132k unknown GBU6M.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 68k unknown KBU610.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 60k unknown J3Y.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 200k unknown FXCR06S65D.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 380k unknown MMBT3906-2A.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 244k unknown D15XB.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 156k unknown H5.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 488k unknown M1.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 888k unknown PMBT3906 T2A.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 52k unknown P6KE200.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 88k unknown S45.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 124k unknown NTC20D-15.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 596k unknown S43.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 244k unknown NTC5D-20.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 596k unknown OSG60R030HZF.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 952k unknown SS34.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 96k unknown SS110.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 176k unknown WK.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 132k unknown T4.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 176k unknown W1A.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 152k unknown SMD THIN FILM CHIP RESISTORS.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 992k unknown WL.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 132k unknown WD.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 132k unknown ZCW.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 576k unknown Y1.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 472k unknown ZFW.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 504k unknown ZOV-20D681K.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 592k unknown ZDW.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 404k unknown BYC15-600.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 72k unknown S8M.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 84k unknown BYC20-600.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:00 72k unknown ES3J.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:01 304k unknown MUR1560G.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:01 76k unknown RHRP3060.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:01 344k unknown MUR1660.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:01 816k unknown SCS210AM.pdf 15-Jun-2021 06:01 968k

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